We teach Christian peacemaking and develop resources with seminaries, churches, and other organizations.

Peace Studies


Many believers and non-believers are doing excellent work in this field. We strive to identify all outstanding resources, regardless of their spiritual commitment. 


We want to serve the academy and the global church, not build a publishing empire. Many of our services and curricula are available at no or low cost. We work with groups regardless of their ability to pay. 


We consider - and usually grant - requests to modify or adapt resources that we have created. We also work with groups to help them craft modifications that better fit the resource being used.

Our partners are doing remarkable work around the world.

We partner with people on community education, graduate programs, interventions, peace projects, and more.


We’ve helped offer peacemaking, reconciliation and other peace studies courses in more than 20 countries over the past 30 years. We’ve also helped open new academic programs in peace studies in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Whether you're looking to create a Doctoral program in Peace Studies, or run a one-day seminar for local church leaders, we can help you create resources that fit your needs.


We understand that biblical peace both transcends culture and takes on unique local expressions. Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping develop resources that are biblically authentic and culturally appropriate.